Realtor Branders was developed with real estate agents in mind. We provide 1:1 support with real estate marketing solutions that are customized to fit realtor’s needs like no one else in real estate marketing services can provide. Realtor Brander’s has the infrastructure, knowledge and suite of real estate marketing services that will support your needs. We invite you to spend time exploring how our products and services, can be customized for your business.
Realtor Branders is a thinkBIG Innovative Design and Marketing, LLC Company. We have been in business for nearly ten years.
All of the real estate marketing services and products we offer are as a result of requests received by top producing Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers across the US. Click here to view a complete list of our products and services.

Client Review Site

The real estate client referral software is very easy to use. Simply send your client the survey immediately following your transaction. The client answers the 3-4 questions and their positive feedback is immediately posted to Facebook, Google+ and your website. We even encourage the client to share their feedback on Zillow, Trulia, Yelp, Angie’s List and others. We’ve made the process as easy as copy and paste! Click here to watch our 2-minute video to see just how easy it is to start receiving positive feedback today.
The real estate client referral software cost is $350 annually or $30/mo subscription with a one time $100 set up fee for the manual version and for the automated version, it’s $550/yr or $50/mo with a one time $150 set-up fee.
Unfortunately not. Due to the proprietary nature of our software, it must be hosted on our servers.
We will seamlessly integrate the Real Estate Client Referral page into your website however it must be hosted through us.
Your Real Estate Client Referral Software Client Referral Software will be ready for use within 14 days. Rush orders can be placed for upcoming closings.
Absolutely! Realtor Branders is a real estate brand management company. We believe that creating a consistent brand across all your real estate marketing is important. We will take your brand and make sure it’s incorporated into the software.
Yes! We recommend using a few of the social sites where you are likely to find your next client. This is a great way to build your following and share great feedback from your clients. The most frequently used social sites are Facebook, Google +, Angie’s List, Yelp and Zillow. We can add as few or as many social sites that you like.
Yes! We want the survey to be a reflection of you. We encourage you to review the standard text and provide us with the modifications that are fitting for your business.
Yes! We have two versions of the survey pages. The most popular is a Yes/No question but we do have a star rating question. It allows your client to rank their experience using a 5-star rating. The intuitive real estate client referral software segments the positive and shares it on your social sites (with the automated version). If you are interested in the star rating survey let us know and we can show you a sample.

Buyer/Sellers Questionnaire

The Buyer/Seller Questionnaire is an online form that allows you to capture information about your client’s needs electronically. We recommend sending it to the client and requesting they complete it before your appointment. We can also create an app for you and it can be filled out while in your office or in their home.
Yes! We want the questionnaire to be a reflection of you. We encourage you to review the standard text and provide us with the modifications that are fitting for your business.
Yes. In most cases, we can add this web form to your website. If that’s not an option, then we’re happy to host it on our survey. A nominal hosting fee may apply.
Your Buyer/Seller questionnaires will be ready for use within 14 days. If you need it sooner than a rush order can be accommodated for a nominal fee.